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If you or a loved one has trouble hearing, visit one of our hearing clinics in Mississauga or North York to have your hearing tested. At Sheridan Hearing Service, our experienced staff can help you determine if you have a hearing problem and offer you the best plan of action.

Whether you end up needing a hearing device or not, visiting one of our hearing clinics will allow you to know the condition of your hearing and take positive steps toward a solution. We offer hearing services to both adults and children with hearing loss.

Visit Our Hearing Clinic in North York or Mississauga

At Sheridan Hearing Service, you will work with a hearing healthcare professional, who will take care of all of your needs. We use a family-centered approach for hearing healthcare, which allows for a full family support system. The goal of our hearing clinics in North York and Mississauga is to provide you with an environment where you feel at ease discussing your hearing needs.

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    Our range of services and products are comprehensive and include:


    We offer a complete line of hearing devices, assistive listening devices, batteries and custom ear protection.


    Our hearing specialists offer hearing tests and complimentary hearing aid cleaning.

    Expert Advice

    Our specialists will perform lifestyle assessments to offer you the most appropriate solutions.


    Custom made swim plugs, ear moulds, musicians plugs.


    Hearing aids from all the major hearing aid manufacturers.


    We repair any make and model of hearing aid at an affordable price.

    Getting Results for 45 Years

    At your Sheridan Hearing Service hearing clinic in North York or Mississauga, we understand your concerns. For over forty five years we’ve worked in the hearing device industry to improve the hearing of thousands of individuals, both young and old. We know how you feel and we know how to help.

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    We offer a wide variety of hearing devices and accessories.

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    Come see us at either our Mississauga or North York location. We guarantee you’ll get the same high standards of care in both clinics. Call us today to request an appointment

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