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Hearing Loss In Children

We start to develop language from the moment we are born. Even though children have not yet learned to talk, they are constantly listening. With hearing loss, the basic development will often be delayed, so every minute counts. Children with hearing loss often have difficulties with communicating because they are unable to hear sounds around them – maybe even their own voice.

Child Hearing

If your child shows signs of hearing loss like not being startled by loud sounds, difficulty locating sounds or delayed ability to understand or speak (for his/her age) it is important to get a hearing test. The sooner the hearing loss is identified and treated, the better the chances of a brighter future. The combination of your support with the best hearing aids, tools and techniques create a better future for your child.

Hearing Aid Kids’ Club Kits

Every hearing aid you purchase for your child will come with a Kids’ Club Kit. Our Hearing Aid Kids’ Club Kits include a number of items which make it easy for parents to care for and maintain their child’s hearing aids. The kit includes a hearing aid battery tester, an ear mould cleaning kit, an ear mould blower, a dri-aid kit and a hearing aid clip.

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