Hearing Tests in Mississauga and North York

If you or a loved one feels you are having difficulty hearing, it may be time for a hearing test in Mississauga or North York. At Sheridan Hearing Service we offer hearing testing that will determine your level of hearing loss, which will enable our staff to offer detailed explanations and recommendations for the best course of action and rehabilitation. If you require hearing devices, we will conduct a consultation to determine which Hearing Aid is appropriate for your needs. In the same appointment, we will also take impressions of your ears to have your hearing aids custom made for you.

Hearing Test

Signs of Hearing Loss

Having your hearing tested in Mississauga or North York will help determine the level of your hearing loss, which is important for our staff to help you set up a plan of action. There are several telltale signs that you are experiencing hearing loss, and they include:

  • Mixing up words
  • Giving answers to questions that weren’t asked
  • Asking people to repeat themselves
  • Complaints that the TV is too loud
  • Difficulty hearing in noisy environments

Hearing Tests in North York & Mississauga

Choose Sheridan Hearing Service for your hearing tests in North York and Mississauga. No preparation is needed for our hearing tests – all you have to do is arrive at your specified appointment time. While hearing tests are not covered by OHIP or insurance, we do offer complimentary hearing tests to all of our patients that purchase a Hearing Aid. If you feel you have started losing your hearing and are interested in having a hearing test done in North York or Mississauga.

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