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Visit Our Hearing Clinic in Mississauga or North York to Help You Hear Better

If you or a loved one has trouble hearing, you should visit a hearing clinic in Mississauga or North York to get your hearing tested. Our experienced staff at the North York and Mississauga Sheridan Hearing Service locations can help you determine if you have a hearing problem and offer you the best plan of action. Whether you end up needing a hearing device or not, visiting one of our hearing clinics will allow you to know the condition of your hearing and take positive steps toward a solution. We offer hearing services to both adults and children with hearing loss.

1 in 6 Adults Experience Some Degree of Hearing Loss

Imagine dining in a busy restaurant. In the background there are dishes banging, music playing, people talking and laughing, and waiters scurrying by. You are straining to grasp what is going on at your table – and the effort of doing this is beginning to make you feel more and more tired…

When you experience hearing loss, your brain is continuously working trying to decipher meaning from noise, causing mental fatigue. Hearing aids can help your brain make sense of the sounds and let you understand more with less effort. You will be less tired and less frustrated, and you will have the energy to enjoy and take part in life around you.

Here are some of the signs that you should visit your Sheridan hearing clinic in Mississauga or North York for a hearing assessment:

  • People tell you that you’re talking too loudly, even when you feel you’re not.

  • People tell you that you need to turn down the volume of the TV, stereo or radio

  • Conversations are difficult to follow, especially when there’s ambient noise.

  • You have to ask people to repeat what they’ve said.

  • You find yourself watching people’s lips to help you understand what they’re saying.

  • You don’t hear the phone or the doorbell.

Hearing loss can occur at any age. You should also be alert to signs of hearing loss in children who may not be able to tell you that they have hearing problems. Some signs that babies under the age of 6 months are experiencing hearing loss are:

  • Not startling in reaction to loud noises

  • Not turning toward sounds or voices

  • Not responding to familiar voices or soothed by soft voices

  • Not imitating sounds

Older children may display some of the same signs of hearing loss as adults described above; additionally, be alert if your child:

  • Does not seem to be paying attention at home or in school

  • Experiences a drop in performance at school

  • Turns one ear toward a speaker to hear better or focuses on a speaker’s mouth

  • Does not respond to people who are speaking outside his or her field of vision

Not Sure If You Should Visit Our Hearing Clinic? 

Are you concerned about your hearing but still hesitant to visit a hearing health professional? You’re not alone! At our hearing clinic in North York and at the Sheridan Hearing Services location in Mississauga, we see many people who have put off coming in for a hearing test. Why? The reasons vary from the belief that hearing aids are only for the elderly to denying that a hearing problem exists – easy to do, when you hear sounds but only have difficulty following conversations. Some people even tell us that “people just don’t speak clearly these days.”

The specialists you’ll meet at our hearing clinics will tell you that hearing loss can stem from many causes besides age, such as infections, autoimmune diseases and even as a side effect of some medications. Whatever the cause of your hearing loss, you don’t have to be the one that misses the punchline or avoids a party because you’re worried that you can’t hear well in crowded places. Improving your hearing can only improve the quality of your life and help you interact more spontaneously with the world around you.

We Hear You

Hearing loss can be stressful; choose the team that understands.

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Getting Results for 45 Years

At your Sheridan Hearing Service hearing clinic in North York or Mississauga, we understand your concerns. For over forty years we’ve worked in the hearing device industry to improve the hearing of thousands of individuals, both young and old. We know how you feel and we know how to help.

What to Expect When You Visit Our Hearing Clinic in North York or Mississauga

When you come to Sheridan Hearing Service, you will work with a hearing healthcare professional to take care of all of your needs. We use a family-centered approach for hearing healthcare, which allows for a full family support system. The goal of our hearing clinics in North York and Mississauga is to provide you with an environment where you feel at ease discussing your hearing needs.

Our range of services and products are comprehensive and include:

  • Hearing aids – all major manufacturers for adults and children

  • Hearing aid batteries

  • Hearing aid repairs

  • Complimentary hearing aid cleaning

  • Hearing tests

  • Custom ear moulds, swim plugs and noise plugs

  • A complete line of assistive listening devices

Come see us at either our Mississauga or North York location. We guarantee you’ll get the same high standards of care in both clinics. Call us today to book an appointment or learn more.

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